Prepare Funnelback for upgrade

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Funnelback Admin

  1. Go to System > Prepare Funnelback for upgrade.
  2. Click run.


Access to the administration interface is not always possible when working on a Funnelback installation.

The following can be used to prepare Funnelback for upgrade without access to the admin interface.

Call to the push-api using CURL

This is the preferred way to prepare for an upgrade if you don't have access to the administration interface (via a web browser).

The following API call prepares Funnelback for upgrade:

POST /push-api/v1/upgrade/prepare

An interface to access this call directly is available within Funnelback's UI (https:// <host name>: <admin port>/search/admin/api-ui/ ) under the Push API tab in the push-api-collection section.

This can be called using the following command;

CURL curl -X POST https://funnelback-server:8443/push-api/v1/upgrade/prepare.

Note: Jetty must be running on the server for this call to work.

Once the API call completes you can run the installer.

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