Prepare Funnelback for upgrade

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Note: This applies to Funnelback v14.2 and newer

Before Funnelback can be upgraded it needs to be placed in a clean state to allow the upgrade to commence smoothly.

This is usually performed by logging in to the administration interface, but it can also be triggered via the admin API.

Funnelback administration interface

Log in to the Funnelback administration interface, and select prepare Funnelback for upgrade from the system menu.

Click run.

Admin API

Access to the administration interface is not always possible when working on a Funnelback installation.

The following can be used to prepare Funnelback for upgrade without access to the admin interface.

Call to the push-api using CURL

This is the preferred way to prepare for an upgrade if you don't have access to the administration interface (via a web browser).

The following API call prepares Funnelback for upgrade:

POST /push-api/v1/upgrade/prepare

An interface to access this call directly is available within Funnelback's UI (https://<host name>:<admin port>/search/admin/api-ui/) under the Push API tab in the push-api-collection section.

This can be called using the following command:

CURL curl -X POST https://funnelback-server:8443/push-api/v1/upgrade/prepare.

Note: Jetty must be running on the server for this call to work.

Once the API call completes you can run the installer.

Undo prepare for upgrade

If you need to revert Funnelback after you have run the prepare for upgrade step then this can be done by restarting the Jetty web server.

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