Advanced user management

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The administration interface has four predefined security roles that can be applied to a normal user:

  • Edit collection settings
  • Manage collections
  • View collection reports
  • View (WCAG) accessibility reports

These can be mixed and matched when creating a user and are designed to provide access to groups of functions usually relevant to these roles.

It is possible to customise a user's set of permission at a much more granular level if you have access to the Funnelback server backend.

Configuration file

$SEARCH_HOME/admin/<username>.ini User account information and security rules for the <username> admin interface user.

Customise a user's permissions

  1. Log in to the backend of the Funnelback server (eg. via SSH or a Windows remote desktop session)
  2. Change directories to $SEARCH_HOME/admin/users/
  3. This folder contains a file for each user - following the format <username>.ini. Locate the user's file and open it in an editor.
  4. Locate the section labelled [security]. This section configures all the individual permissions for the user, allowing access to be granted to each feature within the administration interface.
    1. Set the user_type to custom (user_type=custom)
    2. Set individual permissions to on or off depending on whether or not a user should have access to the function.
  5. Save the .ini file.  The user's permissions should apply immediately upon save.
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