Admin UI error messages

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Please see the following articles for Admin UI error messages;

  • Messages have been logged by the search interface
    An administrator with backend access will need to review the file: $SEARCH_HOME/log/public-ui.warnings Once reviewed the contents of this file can be deleted and the warning will disappear.  
  • Public search interface warnings
    Some situations during Funnelback operation may cause failures during query processing which need to be addressed by a search administrator. Rather than display a warning message to the end user, these situations are logged to a file located at $SEARCH_HOME/log/public-ui.warnings, which should always be writeable by all users (to ensure that the public search interface can write to this file.  
  • Warnings from the search interface are unavailable
    This message will be displayed if the $SEARCH_HOME/log/public-ui.warnings file does not appear to be writeable by all users. Since the public search interface may run as a different user to the administration interface, this file needs to be writeable by all users to ensure that the public interface may log warnings to it.  
  • Warnings have been logged by the search interface
    This message is displayed if the $SEARCH_HOME/log/public-ui.warnings file contains any content, and is intended to alert the administrator to warning messages in this file which may require action. For example, the file may contain warning messages indicating the the query log files are not writeable  by the public interface, which could then be addressed by the search administrator.  
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