Padre binaries: padre-qi (Padre Query Independent Evidence)

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What is it for?

Assigning query independent evidence weightings to documents in the Funnelback index.


./padre-qi index_stem file_of_url_patterns dflt_score [profile_name] [-verbose]

  • If a profile name is given, qiefile will be stem.qie_profile
  • Each URL in the index is matched against the patterns, in the order in which they are listed in the pattern file. Once a match is found, matching ceases for that URL. This behaviour can be exploited to apply a general pattern (later in the file) if no more specific pattern (earlier in the file) matches.
  • To achieve exact matching use ^ (matches start of URL) and $(matches end of URL)

Lines in the patterns file consist of:

  • qie-score - a floating point number (assumed normalised to the range 0-1), specifying the qie score to be applied.
  • url-pattern - a perl5 regular expression to be matched against name strings in the .urls file (usually URLs).



0.25 ^(https://)?[^/]*
1.0 ^(https://)?[^/]*
0.25 ^(https://)?[^/]*
0.25 ^(https://)?[^/]*
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