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What is it for?

Provides a human readable dump of an auto-completion index file.


$SEARCH_HOME/bin/dump_autoc <collection name OR index stem OR path to specific autoc file>


SG[    155, offset E7FF]: 0440\profile\900\{"optionName": "ranking_profile","variableType": "Integer","range": "0 - 100","description": "Choose a profile of settings for the ranking function.  0 - current default; 1 - Standard BM25; 2 - Traditional (pre-12.0) Funnelback.  Setting a profile does not override explicit settings. [Not CGI]","optionType": "Ranking options"}\J\Ranking options\\\U\

SG[    156, offset E9B7]: 0424\promote urls\900\{"optionName": "promote_urls","variableType": "String","range": "-","description": "Insert the specified URLs at or near the top of the results list for a query.  Value is a space separated list of URLs.  URLs must correspond to those recorded by padre-iw.  (dflt Inactive)","optionType": "Ranking options"}\J\Ranking options\\\U\

SG[    157, offset EB5F]: 0383\proportion\900\{"optionName": "spelling_edist_proportion","variableType": "Float","range": "0.000000 - 1.000000","description": "Don't make suggestions whose edit distance from the query exceeds spelling_edist_constant + query_length * f (0<=f<=1)","optionType": "Spelling options"}\J\Spelling options\\\U\

SG[    158, offset ECDE]: 0303\prox\900\{"optionName": "prox","variableType": "Integer","range": "0 - unlimited","description": "Proximity limit in words (min = 0,dflt = 15).","optionType": "Query interpretation options"}\J\Query interpretation options\\\U\
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