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A glossary of Funnelback terms and meanings

Term       Definition      
Search UI Search User Interface, this is everything accessed from '/s/search.<html|json|xml> which performs a search query.
Admin UI Administer User Interface, this is everything accessed from '/search/admin/' and describes the web interface used to administers Funnelback.
Public Context This is everything accessed from '/s/...' and describes all the content that is served out for user access.
$SEARCH_HOME This references to the install path of Funnelback on the server defined as a system variable. For most installations Funnelback is located at;
  • Linux: /opt/funnelback
  • Windows: C:/funnelback/
Auto-completionFunnelback generates search suggestions automatically when it indexes your website, as well as allowing you to define your own. Auto-completion provides users with search and content suggestions while they type.
Simple auto-completion

Basic configuration of auto-completion.

This is derived from the phrases found in the content indexed. When Funnelback indexes content it generates spelling suggestions and uses them to display suggested search queries as you type.

See Funnelback Docs Website: Auto-completion.

Structured auto-completion

Structured Auto-completion is where query completion suggestions can be provided to Funnelback.

This is done through a CSV file as a suggestion source. This allows you to build your own search suggestions to compliment that data within your search index.

Search suggestions can be configured to display HTML fragments, as well as to run actions when selected, such as JavaScript callback, perform a search query, redirect to a page.

See Funnelback Docs Website: Auto-completion CSV Data.

Faceted auto-completion

Faceted Auto-completion provides the user suggested filters to scope their search query as they type.

This is particularly useful for searches where you might be looking to refine your query to a particular category or type.

Concierge auto-completion

Present your Auto-completion source content from multiple channels.

Display columns of event suggestions, course suggestions, people suggestions.

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