Refusing to bulk load WCAG data

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Error message

Displayed in the update-<collection_name>.log and crawl.log

Refusing to bulk load WCAG data since crawler program exited with an error.

Error type

Accessibility auditor (pre-15.10)


This indicates that the WCAG database was not updated due to a crawler error. The crawler error that causes this can be investigated by viewing the crawl.log, but is normally a result of failed changeover conditions.


If the fail was due to changeover conditions and the smaller index is expected and you want to force the update to complete:

Method 1: manually run the bulk upload

  1. Manually run the bulk load of data (See: WCA - Journal for more information):

    /opt/funnelback/linbin/java/bin/java -cp "/opt/funnelback/lib/java/all/*" com.funnelback.wcag.journal.WCAGBulkLoader <COLLECTION NAME>
  2. Manually run any post-gather workflow

  3. Start and advanced update of the affected collection from the index phase
  4. The update will fail at the swap views phase (due to failed changeover conditions), then run an advanced update to swap the views.

Method 2: run an update with lower changeover percent

  1. Update the collection.cfg to lower the changeover_percent that is applied to the changeover check. Ensure an appropriate percentage is selected.
  2. Run an update of the collection.
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