padre-gs: invalid bit number

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Error message

Funnelback v14.0 and newer: displayed in the Step-SetGscopes.log file. Funnelback v13.2 and earlier: displayed in the update-<collection_name>.log

Pattern spec file line 64 ignored - invalid bit number

Error type



This indicates that the line contains an invalid gscope bit. This is usually caused by specifying a gscope bit number that is outside the range of allowable gscope bits.


  • Increase the -GSB indexer option value (the default is -GSB8 which allows for 64 gscope numbers - 0-63)
  • Funnelback 15.6 and earlier: If the collection is part of a meta collection then the GSB value needs to be set to the same value for all collections that belong to the meta collection (or the indexes will be rendered incompatible).
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