Jetty: Address already in use

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Error message

Displayed in the jetty.log.X file Address already in use

Error type

Jetty web server


This indicates that the Jetty web server was unable to start because one of the configured ports was already in use by the operating system.

The default ports used by Jetty are ports 80, 443 and 8443. If any of these ports are already in use Jetty will not start.


  • Ensure that the configured ports for Funnelback are available on the server. Removing other unused web servers (such as IIS) will assist in this.
  • If any of Jetty's default ports are required for other services then update the port configuration in global.cfg and restart Jetty. Note: using non-standard ports will mean that access to Funnelback will need the new custom port.
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