Indexes written in incompatible format

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Error message

Displayed in the search.xml and search.json output

[68] Indexes written in an incompatible format. check_bldinfo()

Error type



Note: this affects Funnelback v15.6 and earlier

  • This error occurs with meta collections containing component collections with conflicting settings for metadata mappings and/or generalised scopes.
  • The component collection may be operating as expected when queried in isolation
  • This may appear in the user interface with the error message 'An error occurred in the search system'
  • Likely cause is differing GSB indexer options, OR the use of geospatial or numeric metadata that is not applied consistently across all component collections.


  1. Remove each component collection from the meta collection one-by-one to examine which collection's index settings are incompatible and triggering the error message. Alternatively have a look at the index.bldinfo file for each collection and note the doctable_fieldwidths line from each collection. These should all be identical and if one differs then this is the collection that is causing the incompatibility.
  2. Ensure that each component collection has the same index structure for metadata fields
    • Use a shared or symbolically-linked metamap.cfg / xml.cfg file between all component collections
    • Add mappings to metamap.cfg / xml.cfg to reserve the necessary fields for consistency, even if they remain unused. Any geospatial (type 2) and numeric (type 3) metadata fields need to be present in all the collections (and assigned to the same class) as this allocates more space within the index for the field.
  3. Ensure that each component collection has the same index structure for generalised scopes (gscope bits)
    • Use a shared or symbolically-linked gscopes.cfg file between all component collections
    • Ensure that the -indexer_options for all component collections contains an identical value for 'GSB'
  4. Reindex affected collections from the Admin UI (Admin UI: Update > Start Advanced Update > Rebuild Live Index: Reindex live view)
  5. Re-add component collections to meta collection from the Admin UI (Administer > Edit Collection Settings > Sub-collections)
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