Failed changeover conditions

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Error message

Displayed in the update-<COLLECTION>.log file

Swap Views: Failed changeover conditions.

Error type

Collection update


During a collection update, significantly fewer documents may exist in the most recent collection when compared to the previous update.


If this is a one-off occurrence (eg. because a site has been redesigned)

  1. Confirm that the offline view of a collection has the expected number and nature of documents from the Admin UI (Administer > Browse Log Files > Offline log files > stored.log / servers.log)
  2. If the offline view has the correct number of documents, swap the live and offline views:
    • Using the Admin UI: (Update > Start Advanced Update > Restart Update > Swap live and offline view) OR
    • Using Mediator: https://FUNNELBACK-SERVER/search/admin/mediator/SwapViews?collection=<COLLECTION>

If this is cause by a collection that has highly variable document counts:

  • Adjust the threshold used for the swap views check (the default is 50%) by setting the collection.cfg parameter changeover_percent. See: Changeover percent documentation
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