Enabling Quick Links on a meta collection

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The quick links feature extracts top level page links and provides direct links to these sub-pages from the search results screen along with an optional search box restricting the search to result's site.

Setup of quick links on a meta collection requires some additional steps to ensure the quick links are both generated and displayed.


Use of quick links on a meta collection is a two step process.

  1. Quick links needs to be enabled and generated on the component collection(s).  This only needs to be done on those collections where quick links are desired.  Different folder depths can also be chosen for different collections.
  2. After enabling quick links on a component the index must be rebuilt

Note: Quick links must also be enabled on the meta collection and all the display settings configured (eg. which results to display quick links on).  If you are on a multi-server environment don't forget to publish the configuration changes.  Quick links should start to display immediately after being enabled on the meta collection (so long as the component(s) have been updated).

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