Sorting and renaming faceted navigation categories

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Note: this article applies to Funnelback 15.10 and earlier. In Funnelback 15.12 sorting is natively supported and renaming is discussed in the documentation.


By default Funnelback will sort Faceted Navigation categories by frequency count.

It is possible to sort the categories differently (eg. alphabetically).


Modern UI

Sorting date range facet categories

For sorting of date facets (v13+) use the collection.cfg option.

Sorting non-date range facet categories

For other facets or arbitrary sorting on a date facet, a hook script can be used to alter the sort order in the Modern UI.

Use the post_process_hook.groovy script included with the replacement faceted navigation macros.

Once installed sorting is configured, per facet, using collection.cfg options.

Renaming facet categories

The hook script above can also be used to rename faceted navigation categories using collection.cfg options.

Classic UI

This applies to v14.2 and earlier when using the Classic UI.

Use the sortBy attribute of theĀ <s:category> tag to sort by count, alphabetical or 'combo' sorting.

Use theĀ <s:categorySortOrder> tag to define an arbitrary sort order.

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