Renaming faceted navigation categories

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Sometimes there is a need to present a different category name to the user that what was generated from the source data.

There are a few techniques that can be used to achieve this.

Change the names at the source

Arguably the best approach - this involves updating the source content to have the correct labels. This isn't always possible though as you often have no control over the source content.

Alter the category names prior to indexing

The technique involves modifying the data that has been gathered so that the indexer stores the correct labels within the index.

This can be achieved by writing a crawl (groovy) filter that corrects the labels as the files are gathered.

Alter the category names at presentation time

Another technique is to alter the category names as they are being presented. The method of implementing this depends on the UI that is being used.

Modern UI

A user interface hook script can be used to update the category labels that are stored in the Modern UI data model.

See: Faceted navigation - sorting and renaming categories for more information.

Classic UI

Use the <s:CategoryRename> form tag to rename categories.

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