Creating a collection facet

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It's often desirable to create a facet that corresponds to the collection - especially for meta collections that are made up of a number of repositories.

The collfield indexer option can be used to place the collection ID into a specified metadata field.  This can then be set up as a metadata facet and will contain the collection IDs as categories.

Configuration steps

  1. add -collfield=X to the list of indexer_options for each collection in the meta collection.  Also ensure -ifb is added as an indexer option.
    Note: replace X with a metadata class that is free across all the collections.
  2. It is best practice to add a dummy entry to the metamap.cfg (eg. X,0,COLLFIELD) to indicate that this field is reserved.
  3. Add a metadata facet based off the metadata class that you have assigned above (X in the above example).
  4. Reindex each of the component collections.
  5. Ensure the updated faceted navigation config is applied to the meta collection (see: Faceted navigation over meta collections for more information on this)
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