Rename a collection

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Funnelback collections and profiles shouldn't be renamed as there are a number of things that can be affected when renaming a collection

However, if absolutely necessary it is possible to assign a new collection ID to an existing collection.


This article details the steps required to change the collection ID.


The following describes how to do this:

  3. Rename $SEARCH_HOME/admin/reports/<COLLECTION ID>
  4. Rename $SEARCH_HOME/admin/data_report/<COLLECTION ID>
  5. Delete $SEARCH_HOME/cache/<COLLECTION ID>-*
  6. (Linux only (all versions) and v15.8+ (Windows and LInux)) Update the symbolic links for live and offline at $SEARCH_HOME/data/<COLLECTION ID>
  7. Update $SEARCH_HOME/conf/<COLLECTION ID>/collection.cfg to ensure that collection=<COLLECTION ID>
  8. Update any meta collections that reference this collection to use the new ID.
  9. Update any collections that reference this collection (eg. via extra searches) to use the new collection ID
  10. Update relevant user.ini files at $SEARCH_HOME/admin/users/ to reference the new collection ID
  11. If scheduled, update cron jobs (Linux), or scheduled tasks (Windows) to use new collection ID

When you rename a collection the following things may be lost/broken/affected:

  • WCAG reports
  • Usage analytics
    • Analytics database needs to be deleted and regenerated, or you need to use sqlite to change the collection ID within the database:
root@localhost ~]# cd /opt/funnelback/admin/reports/<COLLECTION ID>
root@localhost <COLLECTION ID>]# sqlite3 reports.sqlitedb
SQLite version 3.6.20
Enter ".help" for instructions
Enter SQL statements terminated with a ";"
sqlite> update collection set collection='<COLLECTION ID>';
sqlite> .exit
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