Relative weighting of collections within a meta collection

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It is possible to apply collection-level weightings to components in a meta collection by editing the collection's index.sdinfo file. (Note: this requires back-end access and can't currently be edited from the admin UI).

This allows upweighting/downweighting of results based on the collection that they are sourced from.

This is the preferred way of applying collection-level weightings (and is a much better alternative to using query independent evidence (QIE) for this purpose.

How to apply the weightings

Assign weightings to each component in the meta collection

Edit the index.sdinfo file to something like:


/opt/funnelback/data/COMPONENT-COLLECTION1/live/idx/index ALIAS1 0.5
/opt/funnelback/data/COMPONENT-COLLECTION2/live/idx/index ALIAS2 1.0

Where the values are:

A value of 0.5 is neutral. Values in the range 0.5-1.0 provide an upweighting; below 0.5 provides a downweighting.

The ALIAS doesn't currently have any effect and can be ignored.

Note: if the component collection is a push collection then you can apply the weighting you apply will be used across the collection. You cannot weight individual components within a push collection (which is a type of meta collection)

Assign the level of influence of collection level weighting

The influence that component weighting has on the ranking algoritm is controlled by adding the cool.21 ranking option to your query_processor_options or padre_opts. You can test the effect of this before applying by using the CGI cool.21 parameter. The range of the value for cool.21 is 0.0 - 1.0 with 1.0 being the maximum influence that can be applied to component weighting.


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