Character encoding: query processor

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The following details how to check that the query processor is returning the content in correct form.


Run the query processor on the command line:

./bin/padre-sw data/squiz-forum-funnelback/live/idx/index -res=xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>

  <title>Funnel back search doesn&#39;t allow empty search query - Funnelback - Squiz Suite Support Forum</title>
<summary><![CDATA[Funnel back search doesn't allow empty search query - posted in Funnelback: Hi   We have 3 funnelback searches on our site: Business Finder; Course Finder; Job Finder   The first 2 will display all the available resul
ts when the page is]]></summary>

We can see that:

  • The apostrophe in the title is represented as &#39; . While not strictly necessary (an apostrophe is a valid XML character), that's still a  valid way to represent an apostrophe in XML, so nothing wrong here
  • The apostrophe in the summary is represented as is, but that's because the summary is enclosed in a CDATA block. In CDATA blocks content is interpreted as is, so &#39; would have stayed &#39; rather than being interpreted as an apostrophe.
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