Collection Naming

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Search-only collections

  • Keep the names succinct and meaningful.
  • If you have multiple collections for the same client, start with the client name (client-web, client-meta, client-db, ...)
  • Don't use made up abbreviations for client names. For example, fb can refer to facebook or funnelback?
    • You may use well known abbreviations like nsw for New South Wales.
    • Don't use shortened names for example by dropping a few "letrs cos its hrd 2 undrstnd".
  • Avoid using complete domain names, i.e. www-client-com-au is wrong, prefer client
  • For meta collections, use the -meta suffix (client-meta)

WCAG Collections

Decide on a suitable collection name and user name.

If this is a collection created solely for WCA purposes, preferred convention is all lower case, with a *-wca suffix.  Keep it short, one word where possible but if needed, use dashes to separate multiple words. Use descriptive name of client's website or "stable" acronyms.

If the client has other collections use the same prefix.

For example:

Collection Names
funnelback-wca, squiz-wca, customername-wca
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