Best practices for extra searches

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Extra searches provides the ability to execute extra queries in addition to the main query, either in the same collection or a completely different collection entirely. Firing additional queries has some side effects on analytics, performance and configuration that are listed below.


You can instruct Funnelback to ignore all queries from a particular extra search by setting the -log=off query processor option the extra search configuration file:

extra_search.<extra search name>.cfg
collection=<target collection>

Existing query processor options are still respected.


The number of extra searches should be kept as low as possible, as each extra search is equivalent to a complete query being run. More than 2 extra searches is usually not advisable.

Features which are not used within extra searches such as quick links, or best bets can be turned off or refined in order to improve performance. See: Query processing optimisation


If elements from extra searches are displayed along with the main results, consider ensuring that common query processor options are synchronised across the main collection.cfg file and the extra_search.<extra search name>.cfg , such as query blending ratios, etc.

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