Meta collections - Incompatible indexes

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This article applies to Funnelback 15.6 and earlier. Index compatibility is not an issue in Funnelback 15.8+

Avoid incompatible indexes

Certain configuration items can affect the size of fields within a search index.  When combining collections together in a meta collection these need to be consistent for all indexes that make up the meta collection.  If they don't match up an error may be returned when querying the meta collection (incompatible field widths)

  • In v14.0 - 15.6 any indexes found to be incompatible with the first index that is specified in the index.sdinfo file will be removed from the meta collection automatically at query time.
  • In v13.2 and earlier an error will be returned to the front end if the indexes are not compatible. In v14+ this behaviour can be restored by adding the exit_on_bad_component=true query processor option.

Things to avoid/watch out for:

  • Changes to the -GSB indexer option (this controls the size of the gscopes part of the index and needs to be the same value in each component collection)
  • Changes to metamap.cfg that define metadata of type 2 (Geospatial) or 3 (Numerical).  Any metadata defined as type 2 or 3 needs to be set on the same field letters (whether or not they are actually used) in each of the component collections so the size of the metadata region of the indexes match up.
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