TRIMPush collection recommended server settings

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The server configuration settings will get overwritten when you upgrade Funnelback

When configuring a trimpush collection it is recommended that the following configuration settings be adjusted. 

  • Memory allocation for the Continuous service (edit the Xmx value in $SEARCH_HOME/services/continuous.service).  768MB (Xmx768) is a good starting point.  
  • Memory allocation for the Funnelback Daemon service (used by the TRIM gatherer for filtering documents).  Edit the Xmx value in $SEARCH_HOME/services/daemon.service.  512MB (Xmx512) is a good starting point.
  • Wrapper startup timeout for the Jetty web service.  Edit the Wrapper.startup_timeout in $SEARCH_HOME/services/jetty-webserver.service.  600s has been found to be a good value.
  • If using Funnelback 13.0 or 13.0.1, increase the requestHeaderSize to 16384 in the Jetty HTTP configuration.  (Note: this is the default value in Funnelback 13.2+)

You must run $SEARCH_HOME/bin/setup/ after making any changes to the .service files.  See Increasing memory allocation for Funnelback services for more information.

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