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Test Sharepoint URL's using CURL

You will need

  • kinit

Get and store the Kerberos ticket

kinit <username>

Please note the

Then run the curl command

 curl -v --negotiate -u '<user name>'  '<sharepoint url to download>'

The username value in the above commands can be in any of the following formats:

  • User Principal Name (
  • FQDN\username (\user)
  • NetBIOS domain\username (SOMEDOMAIN\user)

To just check if the file is valid, add the option --head to the curl command.  This will just print the response headers.

Sett IIS Authentication Types

For the ManifoldCF sharepoint connector, it is required that NTLM authentication be enabled.

How to enable NTLM and Negotiate,NTLM


Use SoapUI. If testing Sharepoint soap API's, use SoapUI version 4.5.x

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