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Connecting to Right Now Service

This document briefly outlines how to extract data from Right Now service using a SOAP call.

Requirements before making a SOAP request:

To start with, we need the following details from client on their Right Now service:

WSDL service URL(generally in this format) :  http://<host_name>/cgi-bin/<interface>.cfg/services/kf_soap?wsdl

Username and password to connect to the above WSDL.

Some documentation on retrieving WSDL and the API can be found here -

To provide an example, these were the details we have received from Curtin along with login details:


When we have the WSDL, we can use SOAP UI to validate/get the SOAP request. Downloading SOAP UI can be found here:

We can then create a SOAP project specifying the WSDL. After the project is created and saved, SoapUI will load the specified WSDL and parse its contents into the following object model.

Each WSDL-based Service exposes a number of operations (conveniently named “operation” in the WSDL) that each have a request and response message format (both optional). In soapUI, the operations for a Service are shown as nodes under the Service node in the project navigator.

For invoking an operation you can add any number of request objects to an operation in the navigator tree. soapUI by default creates a sample request for each operation when importing, as can be seen below.

Double-clicking a request opens one of the more common concepts in soapUI, the request editor.

The editor is divided into two main panels - one for the request (left panel) and one for the response. Clicking on the 'Run' button runs the request and shows the response in right panel.

Extracting FAQs

To extract FAQs, we can use QueryCSV operation. (Operations specifc to Right now service WSDL). We can edit the Request to pass the required parameters like username and password. Once we have SOAP request that extracts the required content, we could then CURL the SOAP request on Funnelback server and download the content.

Also, to establish a query for Right Now service, we may have to use Right Now Object Query Language -

Other documentation related to Right Now Service:

End point documentation details for PHp:

For web services services:

Please find the SOAP request we have used for Curtin in the attachments.

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