Installing database drivers

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Funnelback ships with JDBC database drivers for PostgreSQL.

Other databases are supported via JDBC, but this requires installation of the relevant JDBC drivers.

Database drivers are installed on Funnelback by copying the relevant jar file to a specific folder on the Funnelback server.

Funnelback will automatically detect the driver once the file is copied in to the correct location and has the appropriate permissions.

Make sure you only have one version of the JDBC driver for any particular database present in the dbgather folder otherwise you may get errors when you attempt to start the database update. Remove other versions of the same driver, or rename them so they don’t have a .jar file extension.

Install a database driver

To install a database driver:

  1. Download the driver files from the database vendor and copy the relevant JDBC .jar file to the Funnelback server.
  2. Copy the file to $SEARCH_HOME/lib/java/dbgather/

    cp mydriver.jar $SEARCH_HOME/lib/java/dbgather/
  3. Ensure that the file is owned by the search user and has group and owner read/write permissions, and public read permission.

    chown search:search $SEARCH_HOME/lib/java/dbgather/mydriver.jar
    chmod 664  $SEARCH_HOME/lib/java/dbgather/mydriver.jar
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