Standard reports are out of date

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If standard reports are not being updated for a collection review the following;

  • Scheduled tasks are configured to run analytics updates see Scheduling Updates.
  • Analytics updates are enabled in collection.cfg. See Data Report (collection.cfg).
  • Errors in update analytics log for the collection?
  • There could be an problem in the query, clicked_facet logs etc. in $SEARCH_HOME/data/<collection>/archive which prevents analytics from being updated correctly.  If that is the case, you would probably need to isolate the log file which causes the problem. 
    • While the report is updating (highly likely, the errrors will turn up in the following files):
      • Check $SEARCH_HOME/data/<collection>/log/update_reports.log while updating the report to detect errors.
      • Check $SEARCH_HOME/data/<collection>/offline/log/update_reports-disk_aggregator.log
      • Check $SEARCH_HOME/data/<collection>/offline/log/update_reports-disk_aggregator_incremental.log
      • Check $SEARCH_HOME/data/<collection>/offline/log/update_reports-data_miner.log
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