Set debug logging for analytics updates

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If the default log reporting level is not providing enough information to debug then try setting the logging level to "debug".
  1. Determine which collection is failing to update.  
  2. Set the log level to debug for that collection 
    copy $SEARCH_HOME/conf/log4j2.xml.default to $SEARCH_HOME/conf/<collection>/log4j2.xml where collection is the collection that is failing
    Edit the collection level file and set the log level to DEBUG 
     <Logger name="com.funnelback"level="debug"/>
  3. Re-run the analytics update for that collection.
    Note: After doing some debugging it's often worth removing (or renaming) the existing current reports database for that collection and doing a full rebuild of analytics in case the database is corrupt. Database is located at $SEARCH_HOME/admin/reports/<collection>/reports.sqlitedb  
  4. Don't forget to remove the DEBUG logging by deleting the log4j2.xml file
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