Search analytics show test or complex queries

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Problem description

During testing, debugging or monitoring, test or complex queries may be sent to your search index, logged, and appear in reports. Examples may look like the following:

polling query test
+v:coriolanus f:key a:"william shakespeare"

While these queries may be syntactically correct and valid, they may be adding unnecessary noise to your reports and prevent you from identifying real users' search behaviour.


  • Consider adding known test or polling queries to the reporting blacklist or reporting stop words configuration. If a polling or monitoring service has been configured, it's IP address should also be added to the reporting blacklist.
  • Consider separating system-generated queries and constraints from user-generated queries at query time with the use of the smeta and squery syntax. System-generated queries and constraints are not displayed in search analytics reports.
  • Consider using a separate profile for the sole use of system-generated queries, and possibly disabling logging on the profile by setting the following in the padre_opts.cfg:

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