Customise the reading grade chart

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The reading grade chart reports on performance against the Flesch-Kincaid reading grade level scale. Pages that fall within a target reading grade band are displayed with green bars, while those that fall outside this range are displayed with red bars.

The range of acceptable grade levels can be configured with the collection.cfg settings, which control the lower and upper bounds of the reading grades that are rendered in green.

ui.modern.content-auditor.reading-grade.lower-ok-limit and ui.modern.content-auditor.reading-grade.upper-ok-limit can be set to appropriate grade levels.

Customisation of the reading grade chart does not require an update of the collection.

Set the document age threshold

  1. Log in to the administration interface and change to the desired collection and open the file manager.
  2. Edit the collection.cfg and add the desired limits. e.g. to set the acceptable (green) range of reading grades of 5-7 add the following lines:

  3. Return to the content auditor report and observe that the reading graph has updated to display the new acceptable range in green. Observe that the changes take place as soon as the configuration changes are saved – no update of the collection is required.

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