Customise the overview and attributes metadata

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The overview and attributes screens in content auditor report various pre-defined document properties. The screens can be configured to display arbitrary metadata fields allowing the report to be tailored to the metadata that is available.

Custom metadata fields can be added to the overview and attributes screens by adding ui.modern.content-auditor.facet-metadata.(field_name)=(facet_name) lines to the collection.cfg for each field that should be displayed.

Customisation of the overview and attributes reports does not require an update of the collection, unless the metadata fields are not currently mapped and indexed.

Add custom metadata to the overview and attributes screens

  1. Log in to the administration interface and switch to the desired collection's file manager.
  2. Edit the collection.cfg and add the following line. This will add an Authors field to the overview and attributes screens.

  3. Open the content auditor report and observe that the custom metadata is now included in the report.

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