Import best bets from CSV

Best bets within Funnelback are represented as a set of json curator rules which are maintained using the Funnelback administration interface.

It is sometimes desirable to bulk import the rules from a CSV file. The tool below allows upload of a CSV file and provides a link to download the converted JSON file which can be uploaded to Funnelback.

The CSV input format mirrors the fields on the best bets editor and should contain the following columns, with no header row:

  1. Trigger keywords
  2. Trigger match type - NOTE: 'ExactQuery' is currently the only supported value.
  3. Title
  4. URL to display
  5. URL to link to
  6. TRUE or FALSE - If a search result has the same URL as this best bet, only display the best bet
  7. Description
  8. Published state- NOTE: 'PUBLISHED' is currently the only supported value.

Best bets (csv) to Curator (json) conversion tool